‘The Ark’ Renewed for Season 2!!

The first season of The Ark, created by Dean Devlin and Jonathan Glassner, has enjoyed tremendous success, with an estimated 6.5 million viewers across multiple platforms, including Peacock. And while Season 1 will ultimately meet its conclusion, SYFY has renewed its hit original series for a second season ahead of the Season 1 finale on April 19, bringing back the space crew for another round of catastrophic adventures.

The Ark explored a variety of themes in addition to disaster, such as loss and how people respond to uncertainty, particularly when the remaining crew is unsure if there is life on the planet they are heading to. Set 100 years in the future, the science fiction mystery series follows the thousands of people inside the colony ship called Ark One, heading on a mission to start a new life on another planet. Unfortunately, their planetary colonization plan was disrupted when a tragic occurrence started to destroy some parts of the ship, killing most of the people inside. With only more than a year left before they reach their destination planet—in the middle of loss and a lack of essential supplies—the remaining crew must learn to cope immediately in order for them to stay alive.

Devlin and Glassner, both of whom serve as the show’s showrunners and executive producers, shared in a statement that they couldn’t wait to explore the space even further with the crew of the Ark. The Ark is, without a doubt, a product of both Devlin and Glassner‘s creative minds. Devlin is no stranger to creating disaster movies, including Geostorm, Stargate, Independence Day, and Independence Day: Resurgence, while Glassner is responsible for The Outpost, Falling Skies, Stargate SG-1, and Odyssey 5. So with two creative people collaborating on a project, it comes as no small surprise that The Ark has been such a massive success, garnering over 1 million viewers in just the pilot episode alone.

Who Is Involved in The Ark?

The hit series stars Christie Burke (Love Everlasting) as Lt. Sharon Garnet, Richard Fleeshman (R.I.P.D. 2: Rise of the Damned) as Lt. James Brice, Lisa Brenner (The Patriot) as Susan Ingram, and Christina Wolfe (The Weekend Away) as Cat Brandice. The rest of the cast includes Stacey Read, Reece Ritchie, Ryan Adams, Shalini Peiris, Miles Barrow, Jelena Moore, Tiana Upcheva, and more.

Apart from Devlin and Glassner, Marc Roskin and Rachel Olschan-Wilson also serve as the show’s executive producers, with Jonathan English and Steve Lee serving as the show’s producers. The Ark‘s season finale will air on Wednesday, April 19. While “finale” is never good news for fans, at least they’ll get to see what’s in store for the space crew when Season 2 arrives in no time, and Collider will be happy to inform everyone as soon as further information becomes available.

All episodes are available for streaming on Peacock.


via Collider

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