Prime Video Picks Up ‘Merry Little Batman’ and ‘Bat-Family’ Animated Movies!!

Prime Video is expanding its slate of animated Batman projects. After picking up Batman: Caped Crusader for two seasons earlier this year following its cancelation at HBO Max, the streamer has now also acquired the holiday movie Merry Little Batman as well as the spinoff Bat-Family which will follow up on the events of the film. Both are more family-oriented comedic projects hailing from Warner Bros. Animation and DC, adding some variety to Prime Video‘s slate alongside the more story-driven reimagining of Batman lore in Caped Crusader.

Like the spiritual successor to Batman: The Animated Series, Merry Little Batman was one of the many casualties of HBO Max‘s deep cuts to its animation catalog in the wake of the Warner Bros. Discovery merger. Originally announced back in September 2021, the film follows the young Damian Wayne who is left alone in Wayne Manor on Christmas Eve. In order to protect his home and all of Gotham from the many criminals out to spoil the holidays, he becomes a hero all his own by transforming into the titular Little Batman. Bat-Family, meanwhile, will pick up where the special left off with Damian fully embracing his role as Little Batman. The series will also depict his father Bruce and butler Alfred along with other new inhabitants of Wayne Manor in an adorably-animated fashion. Together, they’ll navigate the daily life of a super-family with all the fun and complications that entails.

Merry Little Batman is directed by The Regular Show scribe Mike Roth from a script penned by Teen Titans Go!‘s Morgan Evans. Roth also teams with Warner Bros. Animation and Cartoon Network Studios president Sam Register to executive produce both series with Jase Ricci also on board the team for Bat-Family. Register, how is also aboard Caped Crusader, released his excitement to see these projects find a home at Prime Video, saying:

“We are excited to partner with Amazon to begin an all-new animated chapter of Batman. From the cinematic noir storytelling of Batman: Caped Crusader to the comedic adventures of Merry Little Batman and Bat-Family, these new projects ensure that there will be an animated Batman story ready to excite fans of all ages.”

Prime Video Is Becoming Home to a Diverse Animated Bat-Verse

With its new Batman projects in tow, Prime Video is setting up a strong animated universe that appeals to an especially wide audience. The crown jewel of their collection, however, is still Caped Crusader. For one, the creative team is headlined by Batman: The Animated Series co-creator Bruce Timm who is back to help redefine Batman once again. Also on board, the production team is Cloverfield‘s J.J. Abrams and The Batman director Matt Reeves with acclaimed comic creator Ed Brubaker tapped to help write the series. While little is known about the exact plot of the series, the creatives promise an experience closer to The Animated Series than ever before with modern technology utilized to ensure this outing looks even better than its inspiration. Not to mention, the entire rogue’s gallery will be there for the world’s greatest detective to take on in new storylines that will take animated Batman to new heights.

Stay tuned here at Collider for more on Batman: Caped Crusader, Merry Little Batman, and Bat-Family as they officially head to Prime Video.


via Collider

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