‘Cliffhanger’: Sylvester Stallone Returning for Reboot!!

Thirty years after the original film made its debut in theatres, Sylvester Stallone is coming back for a Cliffhanger reboot, and he already knows who will be stepping behind the camera. Ric Roman Waugh will serve as the director of the project, giving a different spin to a role the actor hasn’t visited in two decades. A new lead will be cast for the ensemble cast, possibly leading the franchise into a new future without having to depend on Stallone‘s involvement. Plot details for the reboot remain under wraps, but if it follows the story of the original movie, audiences will be in for a wild ride.

Ranger Gabriel Walker was introduced as a former mountain climber who feels terrible after failing to save the girlfriend of his best friend, Hal (Michael Rooker). The incident leaves Walker devastated, driving him away from what was obviously his passion. After a few months, Gabriel heads back for a rescue mission in a mountain. Hal still feels resentment towards him over Sarah’s (Michelle Joyner) death, but they will have to get over their situation quickly. This was a Stallone film, after all, and a gang of international thieves find themselves in a very complicated situation during the rescue.

While they were trying to escape with suitcases containing a lot of money, the helicopter where they were supposed to get away in crashes, leaving the thieves with their reward spread all over the mountain. Since this was 90’s action movie, the suitcases absolutely contained built-in trackers in them, allowing the bad guys to threaten Stallone‘s protagonist if he refused to help them out. The leader of the gang was played by John Lithgow, mostly known for kind-hearted roles during later stages of his career. This time around, he was a very ominous threat for the duo of former friends.

Ric Roman Waugh Will Take the Story to New Heights

Ric Roman Waugh shared his excitement for the upcoming project, stating: “Growing up with the biggest action films of the 80s and 90s, working on many of them myself, Cliffhanger was by far one of my favorite spectacles. To be at the helm of the next chapter, scaling the Italian Alps with the legend himself, Sylvester Stallone, is a dream come true. It’s going to be a great challenge and blast taking this franchise to new heights, a responsibility I don’t take lightly.”

While you wait for more updates regarding the Cliffhanger reboot, you can check out the official trailer for the original film below:

via Collider

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