‘What Am I Eating? With Zooey Deschanel’ Trailer Teases a Fun Food Based Series!! Check It Out!!

Zooey Deschanel is here to solve our everyday food dilemmas by asking the tough questions we all have about what we eat, in Max’s upcoming original series What Am I Eating? With Zooey Deschanel. Ever wondered which oil is used for which purpose or how long before your fruit goes bad or if an organic product is even worth it? Deschanel did, and the answers will be dished out in the upcoming six-part series.

In the freshly released trailer for the new food-based series, we see the actor on a mission to “debunk myths about food,” as she tries a hand from cooking to cultivating crops with various experts asking pertinent questions that we usually wonder about. The clip sees her explore everyday food mysteries as she seeks to reveal the shocking truths big food manufacturers want to hide — and with the help of experts uncovers the complicated answer to the simple question “What am I eating?”

What to Expect From What Am I Eating?

What Am I Eating? doesn’t look like a regular cooking show each episode will tackle a new theme to bust myths and inform the audience about their food choices. The first episode titled, “Big, Fat Lies,” examines the truths and lies behind fat consumption and deduces that we may have all been lied to for decades. Deschanel works with Carlos Parisi and Sophie Roe to figure out the right fats and oils we should buy. The second episode, “Down To Fruit?” will see the actor join Dariany Santana and Parisi to uncover which fruits should be consumed as well as the big question, of whether non-organic is the friend we never knew we had.

Further episodes like “Cereal Thriller” explores how to get healthy cereal back on the breakfast table, while most people avoid carbs episode titled “No Pain, Eat Your Grain” will examine which grains should be picked on your next visit to the grocery store. More episodes explore chocolate, green veggies, and more. Deschanel will be aided by Kevin Curry, and Paola Valdez along with Parisi, Roe, and Santana on this delicious journey. The series is also produced by Candle Media‘s ATTN:.

The recently unveiled Max (HBO Max previously) is Warner Bros Discovery’s new platform that caters to a wide variety of scripted and unscripted content. The media conglomerate aims to bring the best of all its offerings to the table for viewers across the board and the new show seems like a good step with something for everyone, you get information as well as recipes along with some myth-busting.

What am I Eating? debuts Tuesday, May 23 on Max. You can check out the trailer below:

via Collider

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