‘Walker: Independence’ Shopping for a New Home!!

Walker: Independence is trying to get back up on its feet after the recent cancellation of the series. The CW’s decision to cancel the series seems incongruous given the rise in Western dramas as well as the fact that the flagship series Walker did get a renewal for a 13-episode Season 4 run. However, the makers have not abandoned hope and are planning to shop the project elsewhere. The original series’ star and executive producer of the prequel Jared Padalecki spoke to TV Line about the series.

“We are aggressively looking for a place that Walker Independence can land,” the actor-producer said. He feels the show’s cancellation after just one season is “unfortunate,” but is hopeful that it might find another outlet. He hopefully divulged, “I think cancelled is maybe the most common word used, but I think a better way to look at it is that Walker Independence will not be on The CW next year.” 

Set in the late 1800s, the origin story follows Abby Walker, a rich Bostonian whose husband was murdered right before her eyes while on their journey out West. As she vows revenge for her husband’s death Abby meets the diverse, eclectic residents of Independence, Texas, who are running from their own troubled pasts and chasing their dreams. We see Abby and the residents of Independence struggle with the changing world around them in a town where nothing is what it seems. Speaking of the series Padalecki said, “I’m so proud of Walker Independence. It’s such a great show. I think it’s a show that’s needed.” He further adds,

“We absolutely are thrilled about the show, proud of the show, and we all feel like it belongs somewhere people can see it. We love the cast. We love the writing. We love the setting. We love the storylines that it’s telling. It’s storylines unlike any other ‘Western’ show on TV or streaming right now.” 

The Team Behind Walker Independence

The series is developed by Seamus Kevin Fahey and Anna Fricke and stars Katherine McNamara as Abby Walker, Matt Barr as Hoyt Rawlins, Katie Findlay as Kate Carver, Greg Hovanessian as Sheriff Tom Davidson, Philemon Chambers as Deputy Augustus, Justin Johnson Cortez as Calian, Lawrence Kao as Kai and Gabriela Quezada as Lucia Reyes among many others. The March finale of the first season concluded with a cliffhanger twist setting up a new mystery for a potential second season.


via Collider

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