‘Weapons’: Pedro Pascal to Lead ‘Barbarian’ Director’s Horror Epic!!

Over the last half decade Pedro Pascal has become one of the hottest names in Hollywood. It feels like there’s not a day that’s gone by recently where he hasn’t been cast in something. Now, reported exclusively by The Hollywood Reporter, The Last of Us star is reentering the horror genre with Barbarian director Zach Cregger’s next film Weapons.

Both the plot of Weapons and Pascal’s role in the film is unknown at this time, but the film has been described as “an interrelated, multistory horror epic that tonally is in the vein of Magnolia, the 1999 actor-crammed showcase from filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson.” The script has been written by Cregger, and he will produce the project with Barbarian‘s producing team consisting of Roy Lee, J.D. Lifshitz and Raphael Margules. Weapons plans to start shooting this Fall.

Barbarian Lit the Powder Keg For Weapon

When Barbarian released in September of last year, it was one of the many surprise horror gems of 2022. It was a horror thriller that subverted every conceivable genre expectation with a brilliant sense of atmosphere, a unique set of characters that perfectly played with known tropes, and themes that made you rethink how we look at horror as a whole. It was wonderful for anyone looking for a terrifying good time and people who wanted a little more meaning under the expected pile of bodies. That’s why it’s a shame the film still doesn’t have a Blu-ray release. After becoming another win for small budget horror, making $45 million on a $4.5 million budget, Cregger quickly became one the hottest genre names. This led to a bidding war for Weapon earlier this year. A war in which New Line eventually won.

What Hasn’t Pedro Pascal Been in?

Ever since Pascal’s time on Game of Thrones, the actor has quickly risen to A-list status. His list of credits include Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Narcos, Wonder Woman 1984, Triple Frontier, We Can Be Heroes and The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent. However, his roles as Din Djarin on The Mandalorian and Joel Miller on The Last of Us has cemented Pascal as a genre icon. The latter of which has skyrocketed him to the front of the Emmy race. Pascal’s one of the generation’s greatest acting talents and his emotional range is next to none. He can make you laugh, cry, scared, and everything in between with effortless ease. Like Last of Us, Barbarian was a very emotionally driven horror story, so it will be exciting to see what both Cregger and Pascal have in store for genre fans with Weapon. Along with this, Pascal is also currently gearing up for Last of Us Season 2 and Ridley Scott’s Gladiator sequel.

When’s Weapon Expected to Release?

There’s no release date or window for Weapons yet, but given that the horror film starts its production in the fall, it’s safe to assume a Fall 2024 release date is in the cards. While horror fans anxiously wait to learn more about Weapons, you can currently stream Barbarian on HBO Max.

via Collider

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