‘Tron: Ares’: Jared Leto led ‘Tron’ Movie to Begin Filming from July 3rd!!

Prepare to come back to The Grid after a decade of being away from it, as cameras are set to star rolling for Tron: Ares on July 3, according to Production List. Jared Leto is attached to lead the cast of the new adventure, which will continue the franchise that began with the 1982 classic. Plot details are still kept inside a secure hard drive for the project directed by Joachim Rønning, and it remains to be seen if it will be directly connected to Joseph Kosinski‘s 2010 sequel. Reality will be defined once again, in a digital world where a single person’s life can be changed forever.

The last time the franchise was seen on the big screen was when Tron: Legacy made an impressive statement with its digital effects, showcasing an early technique for the digital de-aging constantly seen in the current Hollywood landscape. In that movie, Jeff Bridges returned to play the role of Kevin Flynn, the creator of The Grid. It was revealed that when the character had gone missing decades ago, he was actually living as a digital program with the security program named Tron and Clu, a hacking program that looks exactly like him. However, things quickly went south between the three of them.

Clu, played a digitally altered version of Bridges, decided that he wanted to take control of the Grid, and it would be up to Sam (Garrett Hedlund) and Quorra (Olivia Wilde) to stop him. As Flynn’s son, Sam could have led the franchise into a different future as the face of the story, but that would never come to pass, even if Legacy earned more than two times its budget at the box office. Right after the sequel had been released in theaters, Disney was clearly planning a third movie, with Kosinski teasing that it could focus on Quorra as the lead.

The Complicated Road Towards Tron: Ares

In 2015, pre-production on a third Tron movie featuring the characters from Legacy began, with Hedlund and Wilde rumored to come back for the project. However, the disappointing box office performance of Tomorrowland convinced Disney that moving forward with the trilogy capper might not be the best idea. After the original team abandoned the project, it was time for Leto‘s film to enter the picture, hoping to take the franchise in a new direction more than forty years after the original movie made its big screen debut.


via Collider

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