‘Deadpool 3’ Begins Filming Despite Writers Strike!!

One of Marvel‘s most popular characters is back, but his return is not welcome within the industry due to the fact that cameras started rolling for Deadpool 3 in the middle of the Writers Guild of America strike, according to ComicBook. Instead of waiting for the conflict to reach its natural conclusion, with writers striking a new deal with the studios that produce the scripts they provide, Marvel Studios has decided to go ahead and start working on the third movie in the franchise. Nevertheless, there are severe consequences for trying to make the sequel while some of the industry’s most respected workers are fighting for better wages.

Apparently, due to the contract writers for the project have with the studio, Ryan Reynolds is not allowed to improvise any lines during the entire time production takes place while the strike isn’t over. As they have to follow to the letter the script that was delivered before the conflict began, Reynolds will have to keep any joke he thinks of to himself, completely adhering to what’s already on the page. Given how one of Deadpool’s most relevant traits is constantly quipping about what’s happening around him, it might be difficult for the team behind the movie to have only one option of dialogue for him to say.

Deadpool 3 had gone through significant delays before, as the project was already in development after the release of the first sequel in 2019. However, Disney‘s acquisition of Twentieth Century Fox made matters very complicated for the production of the “merc with a mouth”‘s third adventure. Since Disney is in charge of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the new Deadpool movie had to be folded into franchise, and that meant that a new script had to be written before Kevin Feige could even think about a production schedule for the sequel. A few years later, the stage would be set for an explosive story.

Hugh Jackman is Getting His Claws Back in Deadpool 3

While the plot for the upcoming trilogy-capper is being kept under wraps, one detail that has been confirmed is the return of Hugh Jackman in the role of Wolverine. The character was last seen during his emotional farewell in James Mangold‘s Logan, where he gave his life trying to save a young mutant from people who wanted to get rid of her. Since the possibilities within the multiverse are endless, the character Jackman will portray in the third Deadpool movie will not be the same iteration he played in the X-Men film series.


via Collider

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