‘The Flash’ Season 4 Trailer Shows the Team Dealing with a Barry-less World!! Check It Out!!

Ok, Flash. You have some ‘splaining to do. And while I’m not sure this trailer does much of it, there are definitely some things to like. Firstly, with Barry gone it looks like Iris is getting an actual storyline. Second, it appears that Caitlin is back to her old self and no longer Killer Frost (… though the jury is out on whether or not this is a good thing). There are some new foes, lots of action, plenty of tech — it’s great!

Of course, Team Flash wants Barry back since he traipsed off into the Speed Force to end Season 2 without a very good explanation. In the final moments of the trailer, which was released at San Diego Comic Con today, we see a red speedster rushing through a tunnel, with Cisco looking to trap him … is it future Barry (2024-style) looking to help them out while they wait for present-day Barry? My head already hurts. Check it out below:

Like with the show’s take on Flashpoint, I’m pretty sure that Barry will be back in the fold by the end of the first episode. As Candice Patton recently told TV Line:

 “[The Season 4 premiere] takes place six months in the future, and we still don’t have Barry out of the Speed Force. Iris is really struggling to deal with that, and she does it in her own way.”

There’s also been a suggestion that the show will be taking on the Rebirth storyline, though again, if they do we’ll have to see how long it lasts!

Stay tuned for more as The Flash starts production and we get more hints about the new season. The series returns October 10th.


via Collider


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