‘Normal People’ Reveals Two New Secretly Shot Shorts!! Check It Out!!

Normal People is a gem of a television program. Over 12 episodes, Sally Rooney‘s acclaimed novel was adapted into a piece of brilliant storytelling examining the intersections and love (and lust) lives of Marianne Sheridan (Daisy Edgar-Jones) and Connell Waldron (Paul Mescal). It’s a quiet, sensitive, and unyieldingly horny show. And it’s a shame we only have 12 episodes on Hulu we can watch, right? Wrong!

For, you see, the cast and creative team of Normal People has teamed up with Comic Relief, the British charity program in which talented artists create new pieces of content for a great cause, to craft two new shorts set in the world of Normal People. This pieces feel exactly like the show, with a couple of irresistible twists.

In “Normal People Confessions,” Connell visits a Catholic priest to confess his feelings of lust over… well, he doesn’t quite say, but you can intuit who. And wouldn’t you know it: that Catholic priest just so happens to be Andrew Scott reprising his steamy role as the Hot Priest from Fleabag, that other incredible British show about discovering yourself and getting real horny! What a crossover! And that crossover becomes literal when Marianne shows up on the other side of the Hot Priest, turning the whole situation into a confessional crossfire.

And in “Older Normal People,” boy howdy is the piss taken out of Normal People. Two older actors (whose names were not given but my goodness do they give exemplary performances) imagine what Marianne and Connell’s life down the road might look like. With impeccable filmmaking and adopting of the show’s understated dialogue, this sketch is a wonderfully nuanced piece of comedy for a highly specific audience. And you’ll hear the phrase “beans on toast” a hundred times, which is always a plus.

Check out “Normal People Confessions” (feat. Andrew “Hot Priest” Scott) and “Older Normal People” below.


via Collider

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