‘Perfect World: The Gamer Murders’: Peacock Orders New True Crime Docuseries!!

Peacock has announced that they will be ordering a three-part docuseries called Perfect World: The Gamer Murders. The documentary will revolve around the true story of a grisly murder that occurred in Ontario, Canada back in 2019. So far, Lucid Media has signed on to produce the documentary, with Zack Weisfeld acting as executive producer.

Bringing Weisfeld on board to produce the docuseries is a smart choice given his experience with  A&E’s City Confidential and Murder by Numbers. Both are crime dramas whose subject matter deals with murder and violent crime, so Weisfeld has a lot of experience with the genre. According to the official press release, “Perfect World: The Gamer Murders is the terrifying, true-life account of a group of friends who find themselves plunged into a real-life techno horror story.”

The true story that the docuseries is based on revolves around a gruesome quadruple homicide that happened in the summer of 2019 In Ontario, Canada. A group of friends who met in an online game called Perfect World Void — who had known each other for years — woke up one day and saw disturbing messages from a friend in their private Discord group chat confessing to the first three of four planned murders. They scrambled to find any identifying information they could in order to report his crimes to the police before he harmed anyone else. Unfortunately, they couldn’t act quickly enough to protect his fourth victim. The murder suspect, Menhaz Zaman, was sentenced to life in prison in November 2020. He used his first name as his gamer tag on Discord.

Perfect World: The Gamer Murders is part of a growing trend of true crime documentaries that have been exploding on streaming services within recent years — the most notable of which is Netflix‘s Don’t F*ck With Cats, a true story about an online community coming together in order to track down a serial cat murderer who was posting violent footage of his crimes online. If Peacock experiences even a fraction of that success with this similarly-themed docuseries, people are going to be talking about this production for years to come.

Peacock has not yet issued a release date for the series.


via Collider

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