‘Thai Cave Rescue’ Trailer Teases Netflix’s Dramatized Version of the Tham Luang Cave Rescue Mission!! Check It Out!!

Netflix has released the first trailer for its six-part series Thai Cave Rescue, which is a dramatized retelling of 2018’s Tham Luang cave rescue mission of twelve Wild Boars soccer team players and their Coach Eak, which garnered worldwide attention.

The trailer starts by setting the stage for everything that went wrong that fateful day in 2018, heavy rainfalls, an approaching storm, and the group of Wild Boars making their way to the caves. It shows us the panic that ensues once the group sees the water filling in the cave and establishes two enemies for the rescue group: water and weather.

Created by Designated Survivor alums Michael Russell Gunn and Dana Ledoux Miller, this Netflix limited series takes an emotional look at the event wherein the rescuers anticipate the upcoming casualties and their own challenges going against two formidable forces of nature. It also shows us the mindset and courage of the kids who are stuck in the cave, the faith their parents had, the team spirit that Coach Eak invoked, and beautifully sets the intention of the series in a voiceover by one of the children, “my mother once told me, courage isn’t about being afraid. It is being afraid but still pushing ahead. Isn’t that right?”

Netflix’s Thai Cave Rescue, which aims to be an invigorating tale of heroics and hope, is helmed by Thai director Baz Poonpiriya along with Thai-American director Kevin Tancharoe and is going to take a look at the stories of heroes who worked on the mission. Netflix’s iteration marks the fourth retelling of the rescue mission amid MGM’s Thirteen LivesNat Geo’s The Rescue, and Tom Waller’s indie film Cave Rescue (formerly titled, The Cave).

The cast is made up of mostly local talent and is shot across Thailand including the Tham Luang caves and at the homes of the young team members. The 12 young players of the Wild Boars are portrayed by local actors along with Papangkorn “Beam” Lerkchaleampote as Coach Eak, Supakorn “Tok” Kitsuwan portraying former Navy SEAL diver Saman “Ja Sam” Gunan, Thaneth “Ek” Warakulnukroh as Chiang Rai Governor Narongsak Osottanakorn, along with Bloom Varin as army doctor Colonel Bhak Loharjun. The international cast includes Nicholas Farnell as John Volanthen, Rodger Corser as Dr. Richard “Harry” Harris, Nicholas Bell as Vern Unsworth, Damon Herriman as Dr. Craig Challen, and Christopher Stollery as Rick Stanton.

Thai Cave Rescue drops on Netflix on September 22, meanwhile, you can check out the new trailer and synopsis below:

Inspired by the incredible true story of the Thai youth soccer team who got trapped in one of the most dangerous cave systems on Earth, and the extraordinary efforts by their families, the people of Thailand, and volunteers from all over the world, as they fight against both nature and time to save them.

via Collider

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