‘History of the World Part II’ Trailer Rewrites History!! Check It Out!!

With each passing day, we draw closer to seeing Mel Brooks‘s seminal work History of the World, Part I return to our screen in form of the sequel, History of the World, Part II. It’s been one helluva wait, and with only one month to wait, Hulu is continuing to tease audiences on what to expect from the sequel, which is set up as a sketch series with each episode parodying a specific time in history. The latest trailer, like the one before it, promises to match the hilarity of the original film with a starry cast delivering some genuinely funny sketches. The series will include more stars than originally expected ,as Hulu has unveiled more high-profile names on board to deliver rib-cracking performances.

The latest trailer includes a lot of the same scenes shown in the first trailer, however, with a slightly longer time compared to the first, we get to see a more detailed look at the scenes earlier introduced. The trailer opens with Wanda Sykes as abolitionist and social activist Harriet Tubman pointing a gun at a trio of confederate soldiers, one of whom has no idea who she is, prompting Tubman to question how they managed to enslave Black people in the first place. More hilarity ensues as the trailer progresses; there’s a scene of Austrian neurologist Sigmund Freud struggling through a recording session, as well as Jay Ellis‘ Jesus having an encounter with Judas, and Noah (Seth Rogen) loading his famous ark with animals.

The original film saw Brooks take on different historic figures and with the sketch series, it appears some cast will be more involved than others. For one, Sykes, in addition to playing Tubman, is also seen as Shirley Chisholm, the first Black candidate for a major party running for President of the United States. The first film featured an ensemble cast and with this sequel, the cast has become even starrier. Accompanying the new trailer was the unveiling of more cast members, including Blake Griffin, Ayo Edebiri, James Adomian, Marla Gibbs, Jason Alexander, Fred Armisen, Tim Bagley, Dan Bakkedahl, Travis Bennett, Sarayu Blue, Craig Cackowski, Arturo Castro, and Andy Cohen, among a host of others.

Brooks, in addition to starring, will write and executive produce the series along with Nick Kroll, Sykes, Ike Barinholtz, and David Stassen. Kevin Salter and Christie Smith are executive producers. History of the World Part 2 will include 8 episodes with its directing credits shared among Kroll, Alice Mathias, Stassen, and Lance Bangs.

History of the World, Part II, premieres on Monday, March 6 with two episodes. Two new episodes will drop daily, with the finale set for March 9. Check out the new trailer below:

via Collider

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