‘Sanditon’ Season 3 Trailer Takes Us Back to the Titular Seaside Resort!! Check It Out!!

These past few months, PBS has teased Sanditon fans with a few short clips and still shots of what to expect from Season 3, but at last, with only a couple of weeks left before we return to the titular seaside resort, we now have our first full-length trailer for the third season. While Season 3 will be the show’s last, the trailer promises it will be a fun rollercoaster ride laden with several twists with the return of Charlotte (Rose Williams) and her ex, Alexander (Ben Lloyd-Hughes) to town and Georgiana’s (Crystal Clarke) continuous search for the one. The trailer also teases the introduction of new characters in Alexander’s brother, Samuel (Liam Garriga) as well as the arrival of a new elite family.

Season 2 ended in a dramatic twist after Charlotte revealed her engagement to the fine local farmer, Ralph rather than Colonel Lennox (Tom Weston-Jones) who vied for her heart all season long. As fans know, Charlotte’s decision was merely an emotional one that she made after Alexander left her heartbroken and frustrated from his indecisiveness. But with both Alexander and Charlotte back in town, the trailer shows they are still hung up on each other and are finding it difficult to move on. The trailer opens with Charlotte expressing her frustrations about society’s expectations of women, saying; “Too often young women are thought to be strangers to their own minds. It is left to fathers or uncles to choose the path their life should take. As if we require saving from ourselves.” We then see that she is, in fact, speaking to Alexander who replies, “if you’ve taught me anything Miss Heywood is that a young woman has a right to choose her own destiny.” The chemistry between them is as palpable as ever with another intense scene showing the two brushing hands, and another dramatic scene showing Alexander pacing towards her on a cliff, all these prove that one thing is for certain, their love story is far from over.

The trailer also includes scenes of Georgiana continuing to fight off the wrong suitors who only want her for her wealth. While she might yet get the chance to feel true love, she does know when a relationship is faulty as she is heard asking Charlotte “Do you love him?” Alexander equally has people fighting to make sure he doesn’t ruin what he has with Charlotte including his brother, Samuel, who advises him that Charlotte is only engaged and not married. The trailer equally showcases the signature glam that has been one of the most appealing aspects of the show, with parties that end with fireworks dazzling in the night sky. From the trailer, the farewell season of Sanditon promises to deliver a double dose of the romance, drama, and laughter that have kept viewers charmed from the inaugural season.

‘Sanditon’ Season 3 Completes Jane Austen’s Story

Jane Austen‘s novel which serves as the source material for the show was unfinished before she passed away but thanks to the show, fans will finally get to see how things end for their favorite characters. In addition to Williams, Lloyd-Hughes, Clarke, Garriga, and Weston-Jones, Season 3 will also feature Kate Ashfield, Anne Reid, Jack Fox, Emma Fielding, Edward Davis, Alice Orr-Ewing, and James Bolam.

Seasons 1 and 2 of Sanditon are available to stream on PBS Masterpiece. The final Season 3 will premiere its 6 episodes on the platform on March 19. Check out the trailer below:

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One response to “‘Sanditon’ Season 3 Trailer Takes Us Back to the Titular Seaside Resort!! Check It Out!!

  1. Anyone who listened to the showrunners who that these new stories are not what was promised to the Sanditon fans who stayed true to the first series even after it was cancelled. They said that they would deliver a HEA ending for Sidney and Charlotte. What we got was a “new” Charlotte jumping from man to man and engaging in scandalous encounters with her employer after hours at his home. How is this even Jane Austen? It’s definitely not. I don’t know what series you were watching, but Alexander was definitely not her love interest. He was her abrasive employer who belittled her at every turn. My honest opinion is that Charlotte was worried about the two young girls being controlled by this gross excuse of a man. Will they make her into the new Eliza Campion? Will Charlotte become the gold digger young women seeking a wealthy husband and financial security? Forgetting about what she had to do to get it? We’ll have to wait for episode 6 to find that answer.


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