‘Fast X’: New Featurette Hypes the Arrival of Jason Momoa’s Dante!! Check It Out!!

Dom and his family have come a long way in the past decade and so did faithful fans. The Fast Saga is soon approaching the end of the road with the two-part finale starting with the upcoming Fast X. The franchise has entertained fans for over a decade with its high-octane vehicular action and a storyline with the found family at its core. The marketing for the feature is at an all-time high with makers celebrating the franchise as well as the upcoming feature. A new featurette gives us a look into what to expect from the upcoming action-packed adventure of Dom and his family.

“We’re revving to give you everything we got,” says Michelle Rodriguez. “We’ve got something special so let’s celebrate that.” The Fast X trailer showcases a ghost from the past that will return to haunt Dom and strikes him where it hurts the most, his family. The stakes are high as Dom strives to protect them all. Director Louis Leterrier teases, “It’s the end of the road so we are going back to the roots of Fast and Furious.

“I’m playing a villain in probably 10 years, I wanted to bring something that’s haven’t been done yet,” said Jason Momoa, who plays Dante the son of drug lord Hernan Reyes, seeking revenge for his father’s death during the events of Fast Five. “It is truly entertainment on a massive canvas. With new villain, new stakes, real stakes,” says Leterrier. The cast also feels the weight of the villain as Charlize Theron says, “He just comes in guns blazing.” Sung Kang quips, “Dante is really one angry guy but really well dressed.”

Dante is One Nemesis Dom Isn’t Ready For

Momoa teases Dante’s approach, “To face off against Dom and his family you have to be a certain psychotic.” Of the bigger conflict, Leterrier says, “There’s something coming and Dom knows it.” Seems like Dante will come from the left field as the trailers showcase no one is ready for his maniacal tactics. Vin Diesel shares, “We’re all feeling unsure at the moment, even Dom.” Adds Nathalie Emmanuel, “We haven’t been as successful as we’re used to seeing and that’s kind of scary.”

John Cena reveals, “This sets the stage for something larger so its unfamiliar territory. I’m really looking forward to the Torettos getting back together again with fire in all cylinders.” So the stakes are really high as Dom not only needs to face off against an unexpected villain who has studied him for a long time but also must choose which family member to choose. Leterrier says, “This is the beginning of the end. It’s the sum of everything we loved in the Fast and the Furious universe.” As Diesel sums it up, “For a saga to be complete it must have an ending, it’s bittersweet and dare I say, more meaningful.”

Fast X revs in theaters on May 19. You can check out the new featurette below:

via Collider

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